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Who we are: An independent, cooperatively operated, Unreal Engine focused game studio where every team member is valued equally and treated with respect.

How it works: Every team member is paid the same amount, which is an even cut of total net income after operating expenses up to the company wide cap rate.

Why we do this: Every single team member is equally important and provides something that is needed in order for the studio to continue to grow and progress.

Currently seeking driven, hungry, inspired, quirky, talented individuals in areas listed below.

Animation - True first person animations integrated with Advanced Locomotion System (ALS v4)
3D Art - Polygon and stylized character, static, and environment asset creation
Gameplay - C++ gameplay development in Unreal Engine 5.1+
Networking - Multiplayer infrastructure development on Epic Online Services with full crossplay

Please apply by sending your resume and CV links using the website contact form.

If your field isn't listed, check back later! We've got big plans.